Physical therapist born in the corn, now RV livin’

Most of my friends call me Carl.

I’m not exactly sure how that started, but it caught on and I’ve grown to love it. It’s kind of like the small town in Indiana I grew up in — weird at first, but then becomes familiar and homey. My hometown is a place where everyone knows each other’s business, there are 2 stop lights with mostly back roads, and the schools are between a cornfield and a sheep farm. I enjoyed the simplicity. It was quiet, and I learned creative ways to entertain myself.

Meeting my favorite person

My first 25 years of life were…

Words of wisdom from a tiny person

I’m a physical therapist and Gabby is my patient. She’s 6 years old, walks with her toes in, and sometimes trips over her feet when she plays. We’re working on stretching, strengthening, and balance exercises so she can move straighter and safer. I’m helping her improve her physical health.

But what Gabby does for me is bigger. She is helping me way more than I’m helping her. I never ask for advice, but her words are somehow exactly what I need each time I see her. Sometimes I feel like she’s my happiness life coach.

This little ray of sunshine…

Plus they’re all 6 ingredients or less

I love smoothies. They’re great for breakfast, a post-workout meal, or a shared dessert after dinner. My favorite part is the amount of health condensed into a flavorful and easy-to-travel with cup. I’ve tried many recipes over the years and narrowed down my tried-and-true favorites.

Today, I’m sharing creative smoothies that all require 6 ingredients or fewer. I can’t take credit for the drawings, but aren’t they great? This smoothie genius has more recipes, but above and below are my go-to blends.

Blueberry Pancake

Wait, you put cashews in a smoothie? That was my first thought when I studied the ingredient list…

Hint: It’s not just the views or physical activity

I stopped in my tracks. Shh, listen.

My husband looks concerned. “What is it?” he questions.

Just close your eyes. Listen.

“I don’t hear anything”, he says, confused.


I love being outside. Whether it’s a hike through the mountains, stroll on the beach, or sitting in our yard by the fire, I’m happy. The views are gorgeous and I enjoy the scent of fresh air. But my favorite part lacks sensory input. It’s the sound of nothing.

The Impact of Noise

Noise constantly surrounds us. Work is lively, traffic is busy, and gyms are loud. We are entertained by music, television, and conversation…

You help me more than you know

I don’t know where I’d be
Without poetry.

Well, technically
Still here,
But emotionally

My big feelings emerged
As a child.

I loved strongly,
Feared deeply,
Laughed loudly,
And worried often.

It’s the same today,
As an adult.

But now I’m expected to be
More calm,
And definitely collected.

I can’t just have
An emotional day.

Instead of time to share
My feelings,
“It must be her time
Of the month.”

I love others
Too strongly.

My fears in life
Are irrational.
My laugh is too loud,
It distracts.

For a while I
Believed those lies.

I tried

It helps me greatly.

“You have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Most people call it PCOS for short. It’s a condition that affects your hormone levels and explains why your periods have been irregular. It’s something that could get better with time, but other women struggle to get pregnant when you get to that point in life.” — My OB/GYN

My first OB/GYN appointment was at age 16 to address irregular periods. I would have two cycles in one month, then nothing for six months. My moods fluctuated and I always felt tired, more so than a typical teenager. It turns out my estrogen and progesterone…

In this modern day work life

Eight to five.
Nine to six.
Whatever the frame,
It’s eight hours of work
In this traditional world.

Call me a rebel,
But I don’t like being told
What to do,
Where to go,
And how to work.

Like with anything else
In this life,
People are different.

Some work better
In the mornings,
Or get their energy
At night.
So why are we all
On the same schedule?

Society says,
These are our business hours.
This is when
We need you.
We can’t accommodate
Your schedule.

But the problem with
Their schedule is
I’m tired.

Of it.
My mornings are…

For a better recovery, body and mind

As a physical therapist, I’ve learned that some people are healthier than others. It seems like common sense as I say it, but there’s more to it. I work with people daily to recover from or prevent an injury, surgery, or chronic pain. We focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance, and tissue healing to get back to the life they love. I really get to know these people as we work to achieve better health.

Some people heal faster, sustain positive changes, and succeed compared to others. My patients are wonderful and teach me a lot. I’ll give examples of…

Bringing laughter and life lessons to my workouts

Sometimes I wear headphones at the gym and zone into my movements, but other times I go without and take in my surroundings. My husband and I workout 4 to 5 times per week and have gotten pretty familiar with the 7 am crowd. Most people are what you’d call typical gym-goers. Some spend their time on cardio machines, while others hit the weights.

But a select group of people have stuck out — their tendencies and routines are unlike others. They provide more entertainment than I could hope for during a casual morning workout. …

My journey of finding inner peace by disconnecting

I’ve struggled with addiction to social media.

I am going to be transparent with you throughout this story. Reflecting on my years of obsessive social media use, there are moments and habits I’m embarrassed of. I know I’m not the only one who has gone through this, so I’m putting those feelings aside and focusing on my progress.

On the apps, I focused on the unimportant things — the likes, comments, and number of followers. Instead of posting something for myself and loved ones, I got caught up in the approval of others and let it determine my self worth…

Carly Clevenger

Travel physical therapist eager to share stories on health, relationships, food, and anything else that pops into my head. This is going to be fun.

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